Two Redheads Walk Into a Thrift Store...

While home in California, I had my first blogger date meet-up with Inna of Skippy Says. Surprisingly I wasn't too nervous, although the thought did cross my mind that Inna could be a 50 year old bald man posing as a redhead on the internet. But then again, so could I.

I took Inna to my two favorite thrift stores in San Francisco. We honestly did not stop talking the entire time we were together (even through dressing room walls)... except to quickly eat some coffee cake.

We wandered down my favorite alley covered in art and made Kevin take awkward photos of us in front of people.

Inna got to see first-hand that when I laugh really hard I slap my knee.

Clearly we both have a love of fine art.

Channeling our inner-lioness, or in my case, deformed T-Rex.

I looked like a beast standing next to Inna's petite frame. I am pretty sure she could have fit into my purse, or pocket. She is seriously so adorable, and clearly not an old bald man.