Post 100

*Blazer, Top, Similar Boots*

My 100th post! You know what's crazy? The fact that I've gotten dressed 100 times in the past 5 months. Not to mention I've taken photos of each outfit, often trespassing onto private property to do so, and then posted them online.

Before blogging, I would only get dressed for special occasions. I quickly realized that my life is far from glamorous and I attend about 1 "special occasion" per year (my work's holiday party, in which I always start the conga line and end up at Taco Bell at 2:30 am with my coworkers). Despite what I used to think, the other 364 days don't need to be spent in sweat pants... even if all I'm doing is eating Mexican food, cleaning the cat box, and watching Teen Mom on the couch.

Since I'm now spending every day getting "dressed up" maybe I will show up at the holiday party in a sequined ballgown and matching tiara. The employees at our local Taco Bell will never see it coming.

*Psst, I got interviewed on HelloCotton. You can view it here*