Please Welcome: Two Birds

Megan and Nora are the funny, stylish sisters behind Two Birds. When I started reading their blog it became clear that I was the third sister they'd never met. If a love of karaoke and thrifting isn't more convincing than genetic proof, then I don't know what is.


hello! we’re megan and nora from two birds. we were absolutely honored that megan asked us to guest post while she’s away. we love her blog…probably because she’s so like us (you know, funny and fashionable). ok, megan is funny and fashionable – we tell horrible jokes and get dressed every day. that counts for something though, right? plus, she has a pretty awesome name. our mom once told us that anyone named megan is cool, and so far, she’s been right.

anyways, our blog focuses on a myriad of things, but mostly we like to show off all our thrifty finds. we own a small pop-up vintage store, and we sell on etsy, so we are constantly shopping. and who can go shopping (especially at a thrift store) and not buy themselves just one little thing??? the problem is that we go shopping almost every day. that leaves us with lots of thrifty finds. so pop over to our blog and check some of them out if you want. warning, we talk about our kids a lot, we think we are super funny (even if we’re not) and we like to make very serious faces when we take pictures of ourselves. if you don’t mind any of that, then please, by all means, check us out. in the meantime, here are a few of our very favorite thrifted finds.


Picnik collage

we miss you megan...thanks for letting us into your fabulous blogging world!
two birds