Please Welcome: To Vogue or Bust

Alexandra is stunning; when I first found her blog she reminded me of Megan Fox with her sultry look. Then I realized she's both sweet and intelligent, so she no longer reminds me of Fox.

Her style is classic and sophisticated, her photographs are always beautiful, and she's a great writer. This is starting to sound like a dating ad, so I'm going to stop.


Bonjour! I’m Alexandra, a Vancouver-based style blogger. My blog To Vogue or Bust covers all manners of things, including (but not limited to) my own personal style, my career growth and my current fashion obsessions.

I’ve become such a fan of Megan’s blog and her wonderful style, so I was thrilled when she asked me to do a guest post while she’s off in Cali! Here’s a little peek at what I wear on a typical day here in Van.

bordeaux To Vogue or Bust 3

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I have been wearing this pleated maxi skirt from the vintage Canadian retailer Shoppalu obsessively. I love how functional it is – I’ve styled it with everything from a luxe cashmere sweater to a Rodarte-inspired top, and it seems to work with practically everything. Since it’s starting to get considerably cooler here in Vancouver, I decided to throw it together with my Twenty8Twelve leather jacket (I swear I hardly take this thing off), which provided a much-needed dash of warmth and edge. Et voilĂ : an easy but chic day look!