Please Welcome: Skippy Says

Inna of Skippy Says is a sarcastic redhead that reminds me of... me! She loves potatoes, Anthropologie and San Francisco - basically, she's a Russian version of me. If I had a diary, I would think Inna was reading it because she often says what I'm thinking.

Her style is classic, a little vintage-inspired and has an ecclectic edge.


Hi Feathers and Freckles readers! My name is Inna, and I write over at a blog called Skippy Says. I was thrilled on two levels when Megan asked me to guest post for her while she came home to the Bay Area for a little vacation. First, I adore Megan and her blog. Us redheads need to stick together, and I'm so glad I found a fabulous one to stick to. And second, since I live in San Francisco, I figured I could finally kidnap Megan to go thrifting and have her teach me all her secrets. Come on, you know you've been jealous of her amazing finds too.
In my former life, aka earlier this year, I was a law student. Somewhere between falling asleep reading Torts cases and deciding I actually wanted to have a life and family outside of work, I decided to quit and become a fashion blogger instead. Don't you worry, I personally spoke to the government and they told me they're not worried about getting that $70k I borrowed back. They're generous like that.
Aside from blogging, I'm a part-time nanny to a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. Oh, and a personal assistant to all those around me because apparently when you don't have a full-time job people assume you want to run their errands. Go figure.
I like to blog about my daily life and the funny situations I get myself into. Like that one time my BFF and I ate an entire large pizza and hid the empty box in a neighbor's trashcan so her mom wouldn't be mad after she spent the day cooking dinner for us. Don't you look at me like that. We ate her dinner too. Oh, and for some inexplicable reason, I also like to confess my embarrassingly undying devotion to potatoes, the Backstreet Boys, and American's Next Top Model, among other things. Don't judge.
Thanks Megan for giving me the opportunity to guest post! And please stop by my blog and say hi!