No Place Like Home

Tomorrow Kevin and I are headed to California to visit family! (I will still post some outfits, and I've got great guest posts lined up for you guys!) When we booked our tickets, my first thought was, "There are some great photo locations near my parents' house!" No, I'm kidding, that was my second thought. My first thought was, "I wonder if everything I asked for is under the tree?!"

On that note, a few of you asked to see my Christmas wish list. I'm hoping this means you plan on buying me some of these items...


I am probably only going to get 2 of these items (the lipstick and candle) and a bag of M&M's - which I'm ok with as long as they're peanut butter.

I just like finding pretty things on the internet and wishing I had money to buy them. I also like watching cat videos and wishing I could adopt 25 more cats without looking weird.