Tipsy Turtle


Kevin surprised me with this clutch for my birthday. A long time ago (the day before my birthday) I had been ranting about how I needed a dark brown clutch, and he nodded that nod that says "I'm not listening but if I nod she'll think I am". He then went into Francesca's all on his own and picked this out.

We went out for fondue, because he knows the way to my heart is through melted cheese (literally and figuratively). I drank a "Tipsy Turtle" filled with Bacardi 151 and juice, and after just a half of one I could barely even say "Tipsy Turtle".

Afterwards we went out to a wine bar with some close friends. We eavesdropped on an awkward double date, and of course I laughed and talked about it way too loudly and made everyone uncomfortable. Yep, I was that girl.