Give Your Butt a Hug

I was asked to participate in the Lycra denim project and happily accepted because I love a good challenge. The project? Put as much wear on these puppies as possible to see how they hold up through daily life. Of course I took this to a whole new level and did everything but run them over with the car (on that note, be right back).

With most of my other jeans, by the end of the day it looks like I have a 20 pound diaper dangling from my butt. Somehow 4 inches of fabric just bunches up right at the rear, creating a reverse-wedgie that I cannot stand. I'm suddenly fooled into thinking I've lost 5 pounds throughout the day and deserve to eat 15 cookies when I get home. Butt, meet Lycra. Lycra, meet my butt. You can hug each other allll day long.

Regardless of what I put these through, they do not stretch. Which means I don't have to wash and dry them on hot to shrink them back down to normal. Nope. I can rock them all week month before needing to wash them. Now that's what I'm talking about. Lycra: you can wear them a whole month without washing. (That's not really their slogan. Yet.)