Well, it finally happened. I was approached and questioned while taking photos.

This little path is nestled behind an office park, and I took these before dinner on Sunday, so I figured it'd be quiet and secluded. After about 10 minutes, I noticed something in the distance getting closer and closer. This "something" was a middle-aged man in a golf cart coming right towards me, his dinky security badge blowing in the wind.

Me: Is this a problem, me taking photos here?
Dinkus: Yeahhhhhhh you see, this here is private property.
Me: Ok, sorry about that. I'm leaving.
Dinkus: What you doin' back here anywho?!
Me: Taking photos of myself for a blog.
Dinkus: Oh, Okay! Well there's a nice spot down the road you might like.

I didn't know whether to be more shocked by my honest answer, or his response. I couldn't believe how normal he thought this was... he was borderline excited to hear this news and help out. Maybe he has a security blog and frequently takes pictures posed in front of his cart. Maybe he's blogging right now about his encounter with me. Either way, I think we had a special blog-bond that made the situation a little less awkward. A little.