Seeing Double!

It's time for another edition of Seeing Double with Audrey of Casual Glamorous ! This month we decided on the cargo vest. * Vest , Dress... Read more »

Old School Christmas

It's really hard to stay in shape this time of year. After 4 days of eating I tried to hit the gym and got winded just walking to it. I ... Read more »

Busy Bee

Do not let my title deceive you. Yes, I look like a bee. Busy? Not at all, unless you consider eating and shopping to be busy, which is all ... Read more »

Thank You Note

Today is a special day, it marks the one year anniversary from the last time I used our oven. I will celebrate by wearing stretch pants, dri... Read more »

Lab Tested

I don't like paying a lot for scarves because I know with a little time and patience I could make one myself. Anything I can do myself I... Read more »

Time Out

I would like to apologize for my fingerless hand in photo 3. My sister bought me a camera remote for my birthday, so I no longer have to run... Read more »

Give Your Butt a Hug

I was asked to participate in the Lycra denim project and happily accepted because I love a good challenge. The project? Put as much wear o... Read more »

Good to the Last Bite

Right when we're done celebrating my birthday it's time to celebrate Kevin's. It's been said that two Scorpios should never,... Read more »

Tipsy Turtle

Kevin surprised me with this clutch for my birthday . A long time ago (the day before my birthday) I had been ranting about how I needed a d... Read more »