The One That Didn't Get Away

I have been on the hunt for a pink pencil skirt for months. Just like an ex-boyfriend, as soon as I stopped thinking about it, it shows up.

I was casually browsing through a thrift store, sifting through the usual pit-stained tees and humming along to Elton John, when I spotted this beauty on the other side of the rack. I didn't even want to risk walking around the rack, so I ducked down and snagged it from below.

I closed my eyes while I was zipping this up in the fitting room because I was so nervous to see if it actually fit. When I opened my eyes I found two surprises - one, that the skirt fit, and two, that a little boy had decided to poke his head under the door (this routinely happens in my ghetto thrift stores). Did I stick my tongue out at him? Maybe.