No Trespassing!

I took these photos near a junkyard in the ghetto, because I'm classy and safe like that. I had to push past a fence with a "No Trespassing!" sign, because really all that means is don't get caught. Even if someone did spot me, I don't think I look very threatening - although I could probably hide quite a few car parts in those wide-leg jeans of mine.

Every time I heard a car I would duck down amongst heaping piles of dog poop. It's moments like those that I begin imagining what I would say to someone if they confronted me to ask what I'm doing. For some reason I've decided that saying I'm a naturalist and wildlife photographer is the best answer. Because we all know naturalists wear wide-leg jeans and carry handbags.

While driving away Kevin spotted a guard dog sleeping no more than 10 feet from where I was taking these photos. I had managed to dodge both the guard dog and his piles of poop; maybe I am a naturalist after all.