Mellow Yellow

I received this shirt from the online boutique eShakti. I know what you're thinking, "eWhati?!" I didn't know who or what they were either but when I started browsing their site I was shocked at all of the cute items they carry. Plus, you can customize anything to your liking - size, sleeve-length, etc. It's custom fit without bugging your mom for alterations.

I've been obsessed with the color yellow lately, and I love that this top adds just a touch of it to an outfit. I try to avoid wearing ALL yellow on top for fear of smiling and having my teeth match my shirt. Which reminds me of the time in high school that I babysat a 6-yr. old and she drew a picture of me with bright yellow teeth (and a cloud of red frizz over my head).

I brought the picture home, showed my mom and sister, and they laughed all the way to the drugstore so I could buy whitening strips.