Giraffin' Around

Happy Halloween! I planned on being lame this year and had no intention of dressing up. Then I got invited to a Halloween event at the last ... Read more »

For the Love of Birds

In college I studied zoology (the biology of animals) and bird science was my favorite. We basically just walked around campus bird-watching... Read more »

Man Up

Maybe it's because it's that time of the month, but I have had a hard time getting dressed this week. I put something on, I hate it,... Read more »

Pleats... and Beans

I got all dressed up to go to a fondue restaurant for a dinner date. If melted cheese and chocolate isn't reason enough to get dressed u... Read more »

Going Green

I pass by this greenhouse all the time, but it's on the University's campus and is usually crowded. One morning I finally found a qu... Read more »


The cruise was great! Aside from eating every fifteen minutes, the highlights were people watching (we had nicknames for almost everyone on ... Read more »

Cast Away

Kevin and I are on a long-awaited, much needed vacation...on a cruise to the Bahamas!! I will be drinking from a coconut, swinging in a hamm... Read more »

The One That Didn't Get Away

I have been on the hunt for a pink pencil skirt for months. Just like an ex-boyfriend, as soon as I stopped thinking about it, it shows up. ... Read more »

Ring Me Up

When did shopping become so ridiculously difficult? I went to Gap yesterday, found a $10 shirt, and brought it up to the counter. Call me ol... Read more »

Oh Boy

One day it's in the high 90's, the next it's in the 70's. Something about this bipolar weather is making me want to dress li... Read more »

Condiments & Clothing

I thrifted this top a while ago because I loved the blue stripes. As soon as I brought it home I tried it on with several outfits, yelled at... Read more »