That 70's Dress

{dress: Liberty of London for Target; clutch: Thrifted; shoes: Urban Outfitters}

Kevin and I are attending a wedding soon and we all know what that excuse to buy a new dress. Kevin suggested that I wear this misfit, to which I responded, "EW! That?!" Then I realized I've had this in my closet for almost 2 years, I've never worn it, and apparently (judging by my reaction) I find it revolting.

I finally put it on to go out to dinner and take pictures near some dumpsters like any normal person does. It's a pretty dress and I love the pleats, but I'm not sure I like the print and colors on me. Also, it's a hard dress to accessorize because it's already so bold. Ideas?

I turn to you guys. Do I look like an extra on That 70's Show or could I rock this at a wedding?