Pepto Pants

{top: thrifted; capris: Gap; bag & shoes: from Germany; necklace: Francesca's}

These Pepto-Bismol colored capris downright scare me which is why they are misfit #2. I've tried them on several times, each time ending with a pile of shirts on the floor, my hair in a frazzled mess, and the pants thrown at a wall. Yes, I do turn into a 6-year old if I can't find anything to wear, and you know you do too sometimes.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but these pants seem really hard to style. Too dressed up and I'm worried I'll look like I'm in a high school production of 'Grease'. Too dressed down and I'm worried I'll look like I just dropped the kids off at soccer practice in my minivan. I went with polka-dots because if anything they can distract from my wedgie.

I kind of love this outfit, but I also think I might hate it, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these pants. Kevin can't stand them (what's with men hating capris?) so he may have already snuck them into the Goodwill bag and then I won't even have to make the decision.