{skirt: Old Navy; heels: U.O.; bag: LuLu's; belt & top: thrifted}

I wore this outfit to dinner on Saturday night. Kevin told me I reminded him of Mrs. Draper from Mad Men which made me feel all classy and lady-like. Then I ordered potato chips as an appetizer and realized I'm no Mrs. Draper.

I left my umbrella at the restaurant and called the next day to see if they had found it. The guy who answered took this all very seriously and wanted to know all about it - what it was wearing when I last saw it, how tall it was, when I last remember seeing it. He asked me, in a very serious voice, "Explain this umbrella. Was it collapsible?" What?! Of course it was collapsible, I didn't show up with a parasol.

Unfortunately the investigation of the missing umbrella was unsuccessful, but it was an excuse to go to Target and replace it (and search for any Missoni crumbs).