I'm In Love

{shorts & top: Gap; blazer: Macy's; shoes: BCBG; bag: Francesca's}

These poor, neglected shorts are misfit #5. I dusted the cobwebs off, pulled out the tag, and once I slipped them on I scratched my head for a few minutes wondering why the heck I haven't been wearing these all summer.

I think I had convinced myself the print was too crazy - like something that someone in Miami would wear with a bathing suit top and rollerblades. So, I have been living in my ripped jean shorts for the past few months when I could have been wearing these cuties and been just as comfortable.

These shorts are here to stay, and there is no convincing me otherwise! Unless of course you all tell me that they look terrible and I'm crazy. Then I will probably burn them (and cry myself to sleep).