Gone Huntin'

{dress: Gap; shoes: Lela Rose for Payless; clutch: Thrifted}

I think this dress is actually really lovely, so why is it misfit #3? Well…

I kind of feel like Sarah Jessica Parker on a hunting trip; the print is so fancy-camouflage. I mean, can you even see me? Also, the shape kind of reminds me of maternity clothing, like something a pregnant teen would wear to prom.

Not to mention this dress is loud. I’m not talking about the print, I mean it makes noise when I walk. You know those swishy track-pants that young people wear to work out in and old people wear to feel cool? This dress sounds like those pants. I walked into the room while Kevin was on the couch and he sat up and said, “I thought you had opened a window and the wind was blowing leaves into the apartment.” I even made the cat puff up and arch her back when I walked by.

I do feel like it might transfer well into fall with a pair of boots and a long cardigan, but is that just me giving it more chances?