Feelin' Foxy!

{top: Forever 21; jeans: Gap; shoes: Lucky Brand; bag: thrifted}

Remember when I told you guys that I flock to animal prints (meaning prints with animals ON them, not sophisticated hints of leopard)? Seriously, my closet looks more like a zoo than a wardrobe. When I was recently shopping at Forever 21, towering over all of the 16 year olds and eavesdropping on their awkward conversations, I found this little gem hidden among a sea of 80's neon. Yes, those are foxes. Quirky little foxes with boxy tails and cute faces. I chuckled a little when I found it and knew I needed it. At the very least it's a good conversation starter.

Completely unrelated, but this past weekend I got a hair cut. I always feel like I'm scheduling a date with my hairdresser when I call because I have a total crush on her. She has funky hair that's always styled differently, wears adorable vintage clothes, and is full of funny stories about her dysfunctional family. The last time I went to her was on a Saturday morning, and we bonded when I confessed that I was hungover and she whispered that she was too. We laughed and I secretly prayed that she wouldn't mess up my hair - but I guess a hungover hairdresser is better than a drunk one. That's my motto.