Chinese Food and Polka Dots

{dress & bag: thrifted; shoes: Lela Rose for Payless}

My weekend was pretty uneventful (I slept through most of it) but on Saturday we got dinner & drinks with some friends (this is what I wore) and it turned into one of those ridiculous, memorable nights filled with belly laughs.

We went to a Chinese restaurant which actually turns into a nightclub by night (shady, right?). We showed up and right away it was ridiculous. Photos of the owner with Rodney Dangerfield, a drink called "The Zombie" which you weren't allowed to order more than two of because of its strength, random things dangling from the ceiling, and to top it off a very strange assortment of patrons. We ordered drinks and they didn't taste strong at all, but after finishing half we were all making up words and laughing at everything on the menu. Our waitor was an awkward and nervous kid; when we asked him what was good on the menu he just turned red and said, "I don't know. Whatever you like." Our friend later asked what this fancy soup was like, and he responded (dead serious) "Well.... it comes in a bowl". As opposed to a shoe?? I lost it and just started laughing at the table. I had to put my napkin over my face, which then led to a loud snort and the boy eventually just walked away. I really couldn't help it.

When the check came out we said we were thinking about dessert. The lady just spoke over us and said, "OK GOODNIGHT. THANK YOU." I felt like I was on Seinfeld. We scurried out of there (laughing) and realized we were never going back whether we wanted to or not.