Bringing Sexy Back (for the first time)

{dress: thrifted; bag: Urban Outfitters; shoes: Fossil via Ross; blazer: Gap}

I found this dress while thrifting and stood in the fitting room for a long time trying to decide whether or not to buy it (which was painful because the room smelled like urine). I decided to get it even though it’s a bit...smaller...than most things I buy.

I often get told by certain friends, “You should dress sexier!” or “Try this on, I never see you dress this way.” Comments like that make me feel matronly and frumpy, but I let my feelings get silently hurt and just say, “Oh no, that’s not my style” with a coy smile (I'm a lady and save my true emotions for Kevin when I get home). I have to remind myself that I believe in understated-sexiness; that tight clothes and heavy makeup are both juvenile and often times not even flattering. Looking “hot” has never been my goal when getting dressed, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking or feeling sexy, I don’t want to try and look that way.

Since I don’t usually dress in tight-fighting, short, or flashy clothing, buying (and actually wearing) this dress was a bit difficult and uncomfortable – which is why it’s been sitting in my closet untouched.

Looking at these photos I realize that this dress isn't nearly as scandalous as it looked on the hanger. I think I'm slowly learning that my friends aren't trying to be rude when they make those comments, they just want to see me break out of my modest shell every once in a while. While they still wouldn't think this dress is nearly sexy enough, I feel sexy in it, and confidence is sexier than cleavage.