Thrifty Business




{clutch & skirt & shoes: thrifted, top: Ross, belt: Ruche}

Last weekend Kevin and I went thrifting (and I can finally show you what I got because the 30-for-30 is over!). Thankfully he likes to thrift with me - well, he at least plays along and when he gets bored doesn't mind sitting on the used couches and reading old books. Every once in a while he finds something and gets that manly shopping-sparkle in his eye. He'll come running up to me with his treasure and tell me all about it and how he's been on the hunt for something similar. It puts a huge smile on my face as I think about what a great shopping buddy he is. I think it may have been my prerequisite for marriage. "Hi, I'm Megan. Do you like cats and thrifting? Ok cool, here's the key to my apartment." That's kind of how it went down. Just kidding. (Kind of.)

Kevin gets a kick out of the situations I find myself in, and our last thrifting trip was no exception. I was minding my own business when this woman stomped up to me and started chatting me up; telling me all about the summer camp she's attending. She didn't look a day under 45, so I don't know what kind of camp this was, but I wasn't about to ask questions and keep her talking. I just nodded politely and smiled. She had a few screws loose to say the least, and I'm thinking she had skipped her meds that day.

I motioned Kevin to come over and save me. He made his way over right as she started showing me photos in her phone of her dog. He just stood there for a minute taking in the whole situation and then walked back to the plaid recliner he came from.

When I finally escaped and we left, he laughed practically the whole way home, and I had to remind myself that he's a good shopping buddy before I pinched him.