That's a Wrap!

I admit I was a bit of a pessimist when it came to the 30-for-30 challenge. I had followed other bloggers while they did theirs, and almost laughed as they talked how about difficult it was, or how much it changed their lives. It all sounded so dramatic and I wasn't buying it. I'd sit at my computer eating gummy bears and watching how girls remixed their closets; how they took items similar to mine and made them look so unique and personal. Finally I put the bears down and thought, "Ok, I can do this." I have a closet full of mediocre clothing so I can get dressed, I have a camera so I can prove I did, and I have hands so I can write sarcastically about the whole process.

Then Feathers & Freckles was born.

This blog isn't about looking and acting perfect, because neither my life, my closet, nor my blog are anywhere close to that... and that's ok. I just want to be relatable, and hopefully make a few of you laugh as I give you a glimpse into my quirky and mostly mundane life.

I don't take anything too seriously, especially clothing. I'm never going to be fashion-forward; you won't see me tying a shoe to my head or wearing a scarf as an anklet. I don't take risks for risks' sake. I'm a 'normal' girl, working with a 'normal' closet, with 'normal' insecurities.

The 30-for-30 was an excuse to start my blog. I picked out my items and just started working with what I had, and I am honestly shocked at how creative I got. I thought the first few outfits would be my best and then they'd slowly get worse and worse, but I find it was the exact opposite. The last half of my outfits are my favorite. If I had full use of my closet, I would have never thought of clever ways to wear a dress, or to even think of pairing certain items together. I can honestly say that this challenge has changed the way I view my closet, shopping, and even my style.

I went shopping during my challenge and I was so amazed at the restraint I had. Normally I walk into a store and end up trying 85 things on. Seriously. When I'm in a fitting room there are clothes flying everywhere, smoke billowing out from under the door. If something fit reasonably well and had a cute print, I bought it. I never thought about my closet when I wasn't IN it. I just picked random items and brought them home to a cluttered, sad lifestyle. Now I stop and think. What will this go with? Do I already have this? Really, Megan, you need another pair of socks with birds on them? I question myself, what I have that's similar and can play the same role, what my closet is lacking, and what I want my style to look like.

This really was a challenging and fun experience. Maybe there is someone reading this right now (with or without a bag of gummy bears) thinking about starting a blog and/or the 30-for-30. Trust me when I say that you can do it, and it will make you feel good about yourself. And in the end, that's all that matters.

Here they are, all 30 outfits. You can click any photo to view the entire post, if you'd like.

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