Straight to the Point

I decided I wanted a little change, and it’s been a while since I’ve fried my hair with a straightener. I brushed all my hair out until it looked like there was a triangle resting on top of my shoulders, and then I started straightening – and I was reminded all over again why I never do this. It takes too long, it’s painful (between burning my ears and leaving my arms up for 12 hours, it’s basically torture), and my hair smells like fire when I’m done which can’t be a good sign. After singing my locks, I’m also reminded that it’s been way too long since I’ve had a trim; each strand of hair starts in one piece and ends in three.

People are always asking “Do you ever straighten your hair?” which is a nice way of saying “I wonder what you’d look like without that poodle on top of your head.” No one ever wonders what a girl with straight hair would look like with it curly. My friends with straight hair constantly get complimented and compared to celebrities with silky, iconic locks. With my big curly red hair, I get told I remind people of Annie, Pippi Longstocking, Raggedy Ann and Shaun White. I just smile and remind myself that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Speaking of sun, this weekend was HOT. This outfit was awful to photograph; I was sweating like a pig and my hair started crimping. This is what I really looked like: