No Peeking!

Picnik collage

I’m really weird and paranoid about where I photograph my outfits. If there’s even a slight possibility that someone will see me, I pick a new spot. I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than seeing someone bouncing around taking photos of themselves in awkward poses. If I hear something while I’m taking photos, my heart starts racing and I immediately pack up my tripod. When I realize it’s just a squirrel or an eavesdropping cat, I feel relieved and silly all at the same time.

I decided to take these photos behind a local department store. I set everything up and started snapping away, feeling content that no one could possibly be back there.

That’s when I saw Sally Stalker off in the distance. She had COME OUT of her house, walked around the hedge that was supposed to be protecting me, and just watched. She even lit a cigarette, which made me feel even more violated for some reason.

When I finally spotted her I gasped and literally swiped up my tripod and camera. I think I’m a little traumatized from this experience. I may need to start taking photos in my bedroom. With the blinds drawn and the door closed.