Making It Happen

I was really excited to finish up the 30-for-30. I even put on perfume before taking these photos, which doesn't make any sense unless you have a scratch & sniff computer screen.

I knew I wanted this to be my last outfit, but I had everything working against me and it almost didn't happen. The white shirt was dirty and at the bottom of the hamper. Even though it didn't pass the smell test, I still thought about wearing it, until I found a mustard stain at the bottom. Just a stench is ok, but when something is visibly dirty I start feeling a little like a guest on Jerry Springer. Then I couldn't find the skirt anywhere and it finally turned up under the bed. My cleaning method is usually just throwing things into a closet, and if they're closer to the bed, kicking them under. Out of sight, out of mind! Then our cat decided that my belt was a good chew toy and started nomming on the end of it. It took some skilled manuevering to get it back from her. Luckily everything came together.

If it hadn't come together, I may have just accessorized my pajamas and tried to convince you guys that my hello kitty stretch pants were included in my 30 items.

P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting my 30-for-30 wrap up including all outfit photos together, and just a warning... it might get a little cheesy in here.