Hidy-ho, Neighborino!

{skirt: Ruche, top: Marc Jacobs (thrifted), shoes: Fossil (Ross)}

We recently got new neighbors across the hall, and I've been secretly stalking them. It's a young couple and they seem pretty hip and nice. She has a really cute style and he is kinda shaggy and scrawny (like this but dresses better). They have a bulldog, drive a Honda Civic, order a lot of pizza, and I think she's a hairdresser because I've caught her cutting peoples' hair a few times on their patio.

Kevin and I are reluctant to do the neighbor-friendship thing after a bad experience. I stalked our neighbors upstairs hardcore and was convinced that they were our new best friends. Before Kevin let me include them in our wedding party, he insisted we meet them first. We finally introduced ourselves, had a few drinks together, and then became inseparable for about a week. We all quickly realized that we didn't mesh well and we stopped contacting each other. They are about as fun as watching paint dry, and talking to them was like pulling teeth. It got to a point where I would be sweating trying to think of conversation topics while they just stared at us waiting to be entertained. (Also, I think we scared them when we invited them over for a round of Wii bowling and it got a little intense and competitive). So now we have the awkward run-ins with them every once in a while and it's the worst. We have to maneuver around our complex like we're in the Matrix... looking left, right, and left again before leaving... sneaking around corners... dodging behind walls.

So I think I will just silently gawk at the newbies and try to gather as much evidence as I can that they are fun people. Then we'll pounce.