Early Bird Special





Picnik collage
{romper: Target, sandals: Urban Outfitters, purse: LeMode Accessories}

This is my first time wearing a romper. It's been so hot that it looked like the only thing logical to wear this weekend. Let me just say that it would have been nice if someone had warned me about the difficulty of using the bathroom when wearing a romper. It had never occured to me. I thought there would be a secret zipper, a built in diaper, a backdoor flap... something. No.

I have a small bladder, and I cannot wear a romper and drink water in the same day. It's dangerous. I literally almost peed my pants twice wearing this damn thing.

Speaking of diapers and uncontrollable bladders, I think Kevin and I might be 60 years old. Saturday night we had made plans to have a dinner date at a new Mexican restaurant we'd heard about, and afterward were going to meet some friends for drinks. What really happened? At 4:00 we looked at each other with hungry eyes and nodded, knowing we both weren't holding out any longer. We ended up finishing dinner before 5, and we didn't even get a senior discount. Then our plans to go out for drinks ended up falling through, so we watched a Danny DeVito movie and I fell asleep at 11.

Our big event of the weekend was feeding these ducks. We used to always go feed the ducks in California, so this was a nice little reminder of "home". We put in our dentures, got out our walkers, and meandered down to a nearby pond and fed the ducks while chatting about "kids these days".