Awkward Encounters

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Every once in a while I'm put into uncomfortable social situations and am forced to realize just how awkward I am.

This weekend I wore this to go meet some new people at a "mixer" for Kevin's graduate program. We showed up late hoping people would be enough drinks in to break the ice a little. This backfired when there were no more seats available and the whole crowd stopped talking to turn and stare. I immediately felt myself flush and I almost ran away. Seriously, the thought went through my head and sounded wonderful. My hands were clammy, my face was bright red, and I almost forgot how to walk.

We got seated stuck next to one of his professors, which brought the level of awkwardness up a notch. She was asking questions I didn't feel like answering, and I felt even more pressure to sound smart and/or interested in our conversation. I started introducing myself to the new people around us, and while I was talking to them, I somehow managed to pick up a lisp and stutter over the course of one sentence.

Ith's re-re-really embarrathing h-h-how awkward I am.