What the Frizz?!

So it’s been 100 degrees here in Florida with 865% humidity. Before moving here, everyone talked about how you don’t even need to wear moisturizer because your skin is constantly dewy and sparkly (I had images of myself coming into the light looking like Edward in Twilight). That was all fine and dandy, but what someone should have been telling me is that you physically cannot have curly hair in this state.

I remember the first day we moved here. We were meeting our new property managers, so I got a little dressed up and took some extra time on my hair. I styled it and wore it down, and out the door we went. As soon as we stepped outside, I heard my hair scream and it instantly went into panic mode. Survival of the curliest. Some hairs stuck straight up, some straight to the side (I think they were trying to find the direction back home to California), some decided they didn’t want to be curly anymore, some decided to get a perm behind my back. My hair held an emergency meeting and decided that this was how it was going to react to humidity.

You can often find me in a hair-product aisle staring at bottles/lotions/potions/serums for hours. Every product claims to be better than the last, telling me that with one dime-sized dollop I can have the hair I’ve always dreamed of. “Humidity resistant”, “Frizz eliminating”, “3-Minute Miracle” etc etc. All lies. The more expensive you go, the harder you kick yourself for believing any of it. I have a whole cupboard full of hair products, or as I like to call it – “the crappy curl cabinet”.

After months of poking and prodding and rocking my hair to sleep, I’ve finally found some sort of middle-ground. I twist, add goop, add more goop (when in doubt, goop – that’s my motto), and I spray. None of it is really doing anything but turning each curl into a crispy bacon strip, but it somehow makes me feel better. In the end, I usually always end up throwing my hair into a messy bun that birds and/or rats could make a nest out of.