Pockets Shmockets

Today I was wishing this skirt had at least one pocket. I love pockets, mostly because they give my awkward hands something to do when I’m with a crowd of people. But pockets can be weird, conniving little buggers. They lure you in and then steal your things from right under you. I’m not one of those lucky people who mysteriously find money in their pockets from years prior, or pull out a stick of gum they needed but didn’t know existed. Nope, not me. Things I’ve lost in a pocket, in a very particular order: $20, 13 Burt’s Bees Lip Balms, 45 mints, 89 grocery lists, and a Swedish Fish (don’t ask).

Don't even get me started on cargo pants. I don't know why anyone would own them; they’re just piles of baggy fabric with black holes tucked into every crevice. I could quite possibly lose an entire hand in a pair of cargos.

Instead, I carry around this silver clutch… because there’s no way I can lose an envelope-thin “bag” that carries all of my essentials. No way.