Pass the Creamsicle



Picnik collage1

Everything I’m wearing here makes me smile… except maybe my strapless bra, that actually kinda sucks. This dress is called “Orange Creamsicle Cutout Dress” and with a name like that I didn’t even need to see an image of it to know it needed to be in my closet. Orange? Cutouts? Where’s my credit card? Anyone who shops at knows you have about a 5 minute window from when a new item is posted to snag it in your size. Luckily for me, I can sit at my computer all day long refreshing my ShopRuche screen until new arrivals are posted (Not really. Well, yes really.)

The belt is a gift from my fiancé who recently came back from Brazil. Apparently all of the girls in Brazil wear these super cute, thin belts around their shirts and dresses. Since I love belts more than shoes, chocolate (wait, no) and puppies, he knew I would love having my very own. It barely fit on my belt rack-thingie, but I made it work because there’s always room for one.more.belt.

This pin is something I found in a beautiful vintage store in Florence. It was one of the only things I could afford in Italy, and I chose this over eating lunch. I kid, I kid… it was actually very cheap. I love adding little pins to my bags/blazers, even if it makes me look like an 80 yr. old lady.