Picnik collage3

Last night Kevin and I went to the mall just to people watch. We saw a group of teenage girls in their little wolf pack, their thumbs moving a mile a minute while they all texted away, not even talking to one another. I think I might be an 80 year old woman because I get annoyed at things like that.

My cell phone situation is just downright embarrassing. It’s bright red, feature-less, makes a creaky noise when it opens, and if I hold it wrong the back falls off and the battery comes flying out. Not to mention if I talk on it for more than 2 minutes it gets so hot you could probably cook an egg on it. Honestly, I might as well be carrying this around.

I guess I’ve just never cared much about technology and expensive gadgets. I’m fine with my ugly phone, listening to music from a CD and not having the letter “i" in front of everything I buy. I’d rather spend my money on something more important – like clothes, or shoes :)