Driving Miss Daisy

See this beast behind me? That’s Daisy. My fiance found her 5 years ago in Reno, Nevada and she is older than me (and dirt, most likely). While she’s had a few illnesses and been close to death, she’s been a reliable and sturdy car to say the least.

We drove Daisy from California to Florida. We jam-packed her with all of the belongings we could fit and off we went. Oh, did I mention Daisy doesn’t have air conditioning? And that we drove in July? Yes, that’s right, we drove in a car with no air conditioning across the United States in July. There was a point when we were passing through Texas (I shouldn’t say ‘passing’… sucker took three days to get through) and the car began over-heating. Kevin casually says, “Oh, we just need to turn the heater on to let the excess engine heat get released”. Oh, no biggie.

It was a sweaty two weeks to say the least; but we made it and have some good stories to tell our children. Now we get to drive around Florida with no A/C, and if you know Florida then you realize this is worthy of some sort of award. Or at least a medal. And a cute gold medal would go great with this outfit.