Couch Potato



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Last night my fiancé went to a friend’s place and I stayed home alone. This meant one thing… a Teen Mom marathon of course. I got on my pajamas, smothered some popcorn in hot sauce and plopped down on the couch. I won’t tell you how many episodes I watched, but trust me it was embarrassing.

Today I woke up with a Teen Mom hangover. My stomach hurt from that disgusting combo of buttery and spicy, my eyes were puffy from crying every time Catelynn and Tyler were on the screen, and my throat even hurt a little from yelling at Amber and Farrah. The cure? Coffee and a hat.

Bad TV shows are my number one guilty pleasure. Teen Mom is almost as addicting as Greek, and I won’t even tell you the hours I’ve dedicated to that show. But come on, Cappie and Casey? I’m powerless against them.