Copy Cat



Picnik collage2

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Emma Stone’s cat-eye makeup (and her in general, let’s be honest) so this weekend I hit up Sephora and was determined I could copy the look. Let me preface by saying that I am constantly trying to replicate looks from Hollywood redheads, and every time it’s an even bigger failure than the last. My ‘Julia Roberts haircut’ made me look like a rooster, my ‘Lindsay Lohan tan’ made me look like a cooked carrot , and my ‘Christina Hendricks padded bra’ tipped me over.

I laid all the materials out and even watched a cat-eye tutorial. I steadied my hand and traced my eyes over and over for what felt like hours. I was sweating by the end, and when I stood back to examine my work, I quickly realized that I didn’t look like Emma at all, but rather a drunk mime.

I guess the lesson here is: If you fail, try try again. Hire 3 makeup artists.