Circus Chic

Recently I found this girl's blog and instantly began following it daily (OK, so I've become obsessed) because she's so darn cute. She started the idea of the "30 for 30 challenge"; taking 30 items from your closet and remixing them to create 30 outfits. So, I'm taking the challenge as an opportunity to begin my blog.

While I was putting this outfit on, I remembered a very wise thing a friend girl in middle school told me. While clad in my favorite pink sweater, she reminded me that redheads tend to look like clowns when wearing pink and/or red. I nodded and made a mental note to never wear those colors again (or call her a friend). I realized that for a long time, I (subconsciously or not) did not buy anything in these colors. Well, here I am years later in a bright pink top.

If this is what I get to wear in the circus, then sign me up.