Black Magic



Picnik collage2

I love wearing black. You see, my cat is black, and throughout the day I tend to grab her and squeeze her as hard as I can because she’s just too darn cute not to. This leaves me covered in long black hairs, which isn't the look I'm usually going for. I also like to sing to her, call her weird names, and tell her all about my day. Sometimes I even put her in a shirt that says “Tell your boyfriend to stop texting me!” because, come on, that is just too funny to pass up.

On an unrelated, but more relevant note - I got this top at Target for $6. The last time I wore it out, I saw a girl wearing the same one and I smiled at her. I did a little finger point from mine to hers (a little ‘Eh? Eh? Eh!’ moment) and told her I liked her shirt with a little laugh. Apparently I am super frightening and she scampered off without even a slight upturned mouth-corner.

Whatever, I didn’t like her shirt anyway. Oh, wait…