Last night Kevin and I went to the mall just to people watch. We saw a group of teenage girls in their little wolf pack, their thumbs m... Read more »

13 going to 30

Yesterday, JessCause awarded me with the “One Lovely Blog Award” (thanks again!). In return, I share 7 things about myself and pass th... Read more »

Party Panties

You don’t realize how many colorful, silly underwear you own until you go to wear white pants. I had to sift through polka-dots, elep... Read more »

Couch Potato

Last night my fiancĂ© went to a friend’s place and I stayed home alone. This meant one thing… a Teen Mom marathon of course. I got on ... Read more »

Copy Cat

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Emma Stone’s cat-eye makeup (and her in general, let’s be honest) so this weekend I hit up Sephora and ... Read more »

Black Magic

I love wearing black. You see, my cat is black, and throughout the day I tend to grab her and squeeze her as hard as I can because sh... Read more »

What the Frizz?!

So it’s been 100 degrees here in Florida with 865% humidity. Before moving here, everyone talked about how you don’t even need to wear moist... Read more »

Pass the Creamsicle

Everything I’m wearing here makes me smile… except maybe my strapless bra, that actually kinda sucks. This dress is called “Orange Creamsicl... Read more »

One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's... Trash

When I lived in San Francisco, I never went to a mall because the thrift stores are phenomenal. My entire wardrobe was second-hand and the e... Read more »

Pockets Shmockets

Today I was wishing this skirt had at least one pocket. I love pockets, mostly because they give my awkward hands something to do when I’m w... Read more »

Blinded by the White

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m as white as chalk. In fact, in the right light I am almost completely transparent. One of my all-time favor... Read more »

Driving Miss Daisy

See this beast behind me? That’s Daisy. My fiance found her 5 years ago in Reno, Nevada and she is older than me (and dirt, most likely). Wh... Read more »

Animal Instinct

When I say I really love animal prints, I’m not talking about a sophisticated touch of leopard or zebra in my wardrobe. I mean I’m a six-ye... Read more »

Circus Chic

Recently I found this girl's blog and instantly began following it daily (OK, so I've become obsessed) because she's so darn cu... Read more »