Top Tips For Buying Valentine's Jewellery

Top tips for buying valentine's jewellery
  • Try to play fairly safe and buy something that fits the research.
  • Valentine's day is not the time to try and change her style, it is a celebration of what you love about her already.
  • Always choose quality over size and quantity.
  • If possible buy real not imitation stones.
  • Similarly precious metals such as silver or gold are always preferable to cheaper alternatives (called base metals), like copper. Not least because base metals may turn her green!
  • Jewellery designed using the traditional symbols of love, such as hearts, flowers, padlocks and keys are definitely desired by some, but must not be considered to be essential.
  • Perhaps go for something that matches another item in her collection. For example if she has a amethyst pendant that she wears often, try to find earrings or a bracelet to match.
  • Choose something that is an appropriate cost for the length of the relationship.
  • Valentine's does not have to be about spending lots of money, it is first and foremost about thoughtful and considered gifts.
  • Consider how much more it says about you if you choose something that she really loves rather than something that just cost a lot.
  • Many women prefer something that they can wear the majority of the time, a constant reminder of your relationship rather than something ostentatious.
  • If you have any concerns, phone or email us! We will be happy to talk you through your choice.