Buying Jewellery For Valentine: Do Good Research For That

Jewellery is a really great Valentine's gift. It will last far longer than flowers or chocolates and allows you to demonstrate how well you know your partner. Choosing the right item can be a daunting prospect so this guide is here to help you find that perfect gift for your valentine.

Do your homework

Look at what your wife or girlfriend already wears. But do not forget that women wear different jewellery for different occasions.

Note what colour and type of metal she prefers, silver, gold or white gold and consider what type of jewellery she wears: Does she have her ears pierced? Are her earrings studs or drops? Does she wear bracelets or pendants? If you are not 100% certain what to buy her then it is safer to stick with jewellery that is at least similar to something that she already wears.

Also consider the length of chain that she wears. If a measurement is not possible note where the pendant lies around her neck as good jewellers can provide whatever length of chain you want.
Look at the shape of the pendants she wears are they round? Tear drops? Squares?

It may help to think about what colour clothes she likes to wear, it's all about coordination!

If she often wears red; look at garnet or ruby. Blue; topaz or sapphire. Green; peridot or emerald. Yellow; citrine. Purple; amethyst. If you are unsure about colours then perhaps stick to jewellery that does not have a stone or go with diamonds or clear cubic zirconia which go with just about everything.

Alternatively find out her birthstone. Buying something in her birthstone is an easy way to personalise a present and really shows that you have given it some thought.

How to Research

You can find this information through simple observation. Listen to her she may be giving you subtle hints. Perhaps have a look in her jewellery box if appropriate. If possible ask her girlfriends or her family for their advice, they are likely to know her preferences.

In the end always go with your own decision; take advice from lots of sources but remember you should love the jewellery you buy her as much as you hope that she will.