Various Gemstones Treatments: To Improve Color and Clarity

gemstones treatments
There are various types of treatments that are used to improve the color and clearness of gemstones. The value of gemstones depends upon the type and degree of a treatment that is applied onto the stone. Treatments are applied onto the gemstone on the basis of their stability. Some gemstones are stable whereas some are not that’s why different form of treatments are applied on them. Various types of treatments applied to gemstones include:

Radiation - Some Gemstones are passed through the radiation process to improve its color and clarity for example light color topaz are radiated to transform its color from white to blue.

Heat Gemstones are generally pass through the heating treatment to improve its color and clarity for example aquamarine is heated to change color from green to blue and more enhanced blue to purple. Similarly tanzanite is also heated at low temperatures to eliminate brown undertones and give blue or purple color.

Fracture filling - Fracture filling process has been tremendously in use to improve the appearance of different gemstones for example lead glass has been used to fill the large fractures Rubies to improve its appearance.

Waxing/oiling – Waxing and oiling has also been performed to improve the clarity of precious stones. For example wax and oil are used to fill the cracks in precious stones such as emeralds. Colored wax or oil is also used to improve color and clarity of the emerald.