Synthetic and artificial gemstones: True Copy Of Their Original Ones

Synthetic and artificial gemstonesLike original gemstones, artificial gemstones are also famous among the people. Their looks are exactly like the original gemstones and their cost is also less as compare to original gemstones.

These gemstones are generally the true copy of their original part. These artificial copies of gemstones are only similar in look and do not posses any chemical or physical characteristic of the original ones. For example, cubic zirconia is a synthetic diamond simulant composed of zirconium oxide.

Labs created gemstones are not the copy of original gemstones but they are the process forms that are manufactured in labs. For example synthetic (lab created) corundums, including ruby and sapphire, are very common form of lab created gemstones and their cost is comparatively low when compare to natural stones.

So in other words we can say that both natural stones and lab generated stones have the similar physical and chemical characteristic. The only thing is that these lab created gemstones have more clarity in color and very less impurities in them.