Emerald Jewellery: Beautiful Birth-Stone Represents Month Of May

Emerald JewelleryEmerald is one of the amazing and stylish stone which people love to wear. Emerald represents the month of May and many people believed that this stone has amazing effects especially in case of relationships, health and heart.

Emerald is a beautiful stone which attracts and admire by many people and due to its dazzling beauty emerald is used in many form of jewelleries such as rings, earrings, Necklace etc. It is one of the fabulous birthday gifts which you can give to your love ones.

Emerald stone has dark green color because of chromium and vanadium and its hardness rating is around 7.5. As Emerald is one the most beautiful stone that’s why it requires special care. So to clean jewellery made from emerald always use dry soft cloths. Avoid household chemicals and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean emerald jewellery. Also do not clean your precious emerald jewelry in hot soapy water.