Jewellery Designing: Sources and Motivation

Jewellery DesignSource of inspiration is excessively required to design new jewellery. High degree of imagination is required to visualize a new shapes or structure of a design. Creativity of a jewellery designer is highly influence by its thinking and feeling. That’s why Jewellery designers always maintain a sketchbook so that they can draw their observation.

Sources of design generally depend upon the following thing:
  1. Material Used: Designing jewellery using different material provides great experience and chance to a jeweler to find out new things at the initial stages of design.
  2. History Eras: History can also provide new imaginative ideas to the jewellery designers. Jewellery designers get great source of inspiration from these Medieval, Egyptian, Baroque eras which are rich in art and expressions. These ancient architectures, sculptures, paintings give birth to new and original ideas.
  3. Nature: Jewellery designers can also get inspiration from these beautiful natural resources. Nature itself provide great textures, colors and shapes which itself inspire jewellery designer to form their new ideas.
  4. Symbolic Sources: Various logos, signs, symbols, monograms etc. are also the good source for jewellery designer. Using these sign symbols Jewellery designer can visualize different designs of various shapes and sizes.
  5. Themes and concepts: If a designer thinks in a broad way then he/she can get new composition of design using varieties of themes and concepts such as nature, politics, social, religious, etc.
  6. Books and Magazines: Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs are also the great source of various new jewellery designs. But in that case question arises about its originality.