Gold Metal Jewellery: Complete Information About It

gold jewelleryEvery women love to wear gold jewellery. But it is hard to make jewellery from pure gold as it is too soft, so to make jewellery; jewellery makers add other metals to it. This is the main reason for different colors of gold such as green gold, white gold, rose gold etc.

To check the purity of gold in the jewellery the standard unit that is used is K or Karat system. Jewellery which is made up of pure gold is of 24K where as jewellery of 18K contains 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of another metal or metals.

Gold which is of white color (i.e. white gold) is a mixture of nickel or palladium with gold. Copper is added with gold to make it of pink color (i.e. rose gold) and silver is added with gold to make it green gold.

Making alloys changes the color of the metal and make the metal damaged and useless, and the main goal of the jeweler is to produce the metal which is durable and attractive.