Diamond Jewellery Care: Some Tips About That

diamond jewellery

Diamonds need proper care to last for a long time without any deterioration. Any thing such as powders, lotion or even oil may damage the shine of your diamond. So to maintain yourdiamond jewellery long lasting, you just require only one thing i.e. proper care and maintenance. Maintenance keeps your jewellery clean, beautiful and even increases its life.

Proper care of diamond is essential. Always prevent your diamond jewellery from sharp blows, harsh chemicals, sun light and extreme temperatures. Remove your diamond jewellery such as rings when you are working or doing your regular house tasks. Store jewelleries at different places as it may prevent diamond from scratching.

Clean your diamond on regular basis but avoid harsh detergents. Few tips regarding cleaning your diamond jewellery:

Here are four ways to you clean your diamonds:

  1. You can clean your diamond jewellery using warm water with mild liquid detergent. Always use soft brush to clean your jewellery and dry it with soft lint free cloth.
  2. You can also use branded liquid jewellery cleaner but read the instructions and precautions carefully before using them on your precious jewellery.
  3. You can also use various ultrasonic cleaner which are small machines used to clean your precious jewellery.